Dream Centre Belfast started out as a vision many years ago to have a significant impact on the broken and hurting people of Northern Ireland. Our passion is to advance this vision through a number of volunteers who want to make a difference in this city and their communities. Since the launch of the vision in 2010 hundreds of young people have been reached and helped in Belfast by our volunteer teams and we are now offering opportunities for more volunteers to enable us to reach many more.

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To reach, rescue and restore those who have suffered loss through abuse, injustice, broken relationships, substance abuse, isolation or homelessness and to help them develop a support system that will encourage them to make positive choices that will enable them to reach their full potential.


To empower a community of committed people whose lives have been changed by the love of God and who are now willing to share that love with others so that broken lives can be healed and fulfill their God given purpose.

Dream Centre Belfast

Dream Centre Belfast


In 2008 Tommy Barnett, one of the Co-founders of the Dream Center Los Angeles, came to Ireland and met with Dr. Cecil Stewart. Cecil has had a vision for many years to help the hurting and broken people of Northern Ireland. During their meeting, Cecil felt that, after reaching out to hurting people in many parts of the world (including Africa, Romania and Italy), the time had come to focus on Belfast, which has suffered so much pain for over thirty years due to the troubles.

Cecil and his wife Evelyn made a trip to Los Angeles where they were able to see first hand the marvelous work of the Dream Center there. They met many young people whose lives had been ruined through human trafficking, drug abuse and isolation. However, through the help of the Dream Center, they were able to find hope and receive the help they needed to live a healthy lifestyle and make good decisions.

On the return home, steps were immediately taken to bring community leaders together and in February 2010 Matthew Barnett came to Belfast at Cecil’s invitation and the vision for the Dream Centre Belfast was launched at Stormont - Northern Ireland’s government buildings.


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